• IE8 Bug

    Recently, Windows pushed IE8 down to my Windows XP box. So, I installed it (even though I don’t use it.) After installing, I restarted my system. When I opened IE8, I got an error message that said…

    A Program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider setting for Internet Explorer

    I thought this is funny(Not). So, I tried to set Google as my default search engine, and it wouldn’t let me do that. I tried uninstalling Google as an option, and then re-installing it. Nothing seemed to work. So, after doing some digging, I found the solution on http://blog.kirb.us. He had an article titled after the error message. It’s a simple fix to the problem, but you do have to go into the system registry to apply the fix.

    The second problem I had with IE8 is, it wouldn’t render Google’s page correctly. After doing some more digging around, I found the solution at “http://www.ejabs.com/2009/03/fix-tiny-forms-in-ie8/”:http://www.ejabs.com/2009/03/fix-tiny-forms-in-ie8/. This was just the fix I needed.

    I must say I find it a little strange that IE8 forced me to use Microsoft Bing for my default search option, and there was no problem rendering the Bing.com web site. Maybe there is nothing to it, but maybe they are counting on those none techs (e.g. your parents) to not bother to search out for the fix, and therefore pickup those people as new Bing users. I wouldn’t put it past them. Need I remind you of “Microsoft v Netscape”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browser_wars. So, I must tell you that I will not be switching to IE8 as my new browser. I will keep FireFox for that.

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